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The Bodega Candle

This deep rich scent is as seductive as a bacon, egg, and cheese when you got that Sunday morning hangover. We took inspiration for this scent from the iconic bodegas of New York. Infusing the luxurious scent of suede with the smokey notes of tobacco, gently blended with the wafts of exotic amber and oud, reminding you of the night you had before and the questionable events that occurred. The Bowery Social Club’s Bodega is everything you love about a night out but with none of the regrets.

Bowery Social Club scents are all organic and produced in Brooklyn by a women owned and operated business. We use the finest vegan waxes and high-quality unbleached wicks for optimal burn and fragrance.

Product information

Returns and exchanges accepted up to 14 days after recieving item.

The Bowery Social Club: How It's Made

We spent over a year developing our first collection, obsessing over the fit and the quality of the fabric. We worked tirelessly with our South America and India mills to develop the densest and highest quality textiles we could create. Our team then spent a year perfecting the fit of our core styles by fitting each style on multiple body types and sizes. We adjusted our hems on our larger sizes to be longer in the front and shorter in the back to help accommodate our fitting challenges with larger and curvier bodies. We have also ensured our shorts' inseam would remain consistent across all sizes. These pieces have been designed and crafted with time, quality, and care. The Bowery Social Club ranges from sizes Small to 6XL.

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